DevAn ‘Hawk’ Subramaniam

Age: 25 From: Arlington, Texas

Game: Starcraft BW & Starcraft 2

About: Devan "Hawk" Subramaniam is an American Zerg player. Graduated from University of Texas at Arlington with a Master in Finance. Devan often plays Starcraft with colleagues as a throwback to his youth as an esports professional. Devan has played for such notable teams such as vile, Quantic Gaming, 1 Step Ahead, and now Team Blaze



Patrick ‘ShadowSmile’ Smiley

Age: 26 From: Arlington, Texas

Game: Starcraft 2/ Manager

About: Patrick ‘ShadowSmile’ Smiley started the organization ‘Team Blaze’ while attending the University of Texas at Arlington. He has since commanded countless victory with the award winning Heroes of the Storm team taking 3rd in HTC Heroes Brawl , 4th in Heroes Rising and 2nd losing closely to the contested Cloud9 in the Enter The Storm - North America Cup #2. He can now be found looking for his next esports endeavor while playing with old esports friends and colleagues.




Age: - From: -

Position: Captain/Support